YMCA linked to The Children’s University…

YMCA linked to The Children’s University…

YMCA Programs are now linked to The Children’s University

Recognising the achievements of young people aged between 7 and 14 years by awarding formal certificates and graduations.

YMCA programs at our various centres in southern Tasmania are now recognised as learning destinations by The Children’s University.  The concept is simple:  Register your child with The Children’s University, participate in a program at an official learning destination, and collect stamps in your children’s ‘Passport to Learning’.  Collect enough stamps and be awarded certificates to graduate.

The model leverages many local educational and learning activity providers (including sports clubs, museums, galleries, and school clubs) with a strong emphasis on experience as a significant learning tool, acknowledging the value of the range of different learning experiences and environments in which children engage.

To become registered in the Children’s University, please visit:


From now, each YMCA program your child participates in will be awarded a stamp – just show your ‘Passport to Learning’ at reception!

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