Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Information and Terms and Conditions

This document provides information and outlines the rights and responsibilities relating  to your YMCA of Hobart Membership.

About us:
We are a not-for-profit community organisation with a commitment to creating “Healthy Happy Communities”
Our vision is to provide each and every person an opportunity to be happy healthy and connected through our range of programs and the facilities we manage.
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1.    Minimum term, Payment Information, Fees and Charges:
1.1.    Minimum Term:  The minimum period for a YMCA of Hobart Membership is 3 months (with the exception of Glenorchy War Memorial Pool).  Direct Debit payments will continue beyond the minimum term until a cancellation form is completed and returned (see section 2.3)
1.2.    Pro-Rata Payment: On joining, Direct Debit members pay a pro-rata fee.  This fee is calculated based on the number of days remaining until the next direct debit is due.
1.3.    Payment: Payment for membership is in advance.  If payment is not received, membership access may be cancelled.   If you are experiencing financial hardship, please speak to the YCMA Membership Coordinator to discuss alternative payment arrangements.
1.4.    Direct Debit Service Provider: YMCA of Hobart uses LINKSPay to manage and process all Direct Debit Payments.  A separate Direct Debit Request Form will need to be completed to authorise LINKSPay to debit from your nominated bank account or credit card.
1.5.    Price Increases: Membership fees are reviewed annually. A minimum of fourteen days will be provided in the form of newsletters and centre notice boards to advise of any changes.
1.6.    Student Discount: available to full-time students studying at any Tasmanian education institution (Public or Private colleges, TAFE Tasmania, UTAS or equivalent).  A current student card must be presented at the time of membership purchase and on an annual basis.
1.7.    Concession Discount: Includes Commonwealth Government issued concession cards and State Government issued Seniors Card.  A valid concession card must be presented at the time of membership purchase

2.    Refunds, Cancellations and Membership Suspensions
2.1.    7 day cooling off period: If you are not completely satisfied with the programs or services you are able to cancel your membership within the first 7 days.  All monies will be refunded on a pro-rata basis
2.2.    Refunds: Refunds of term memberships will only be approved under the following circumstances: hospitalisation, major illness or injury, relocation or other major extenuating circumstances.  Request for refund must be made in writing and sent to the Membership Coordinator.
2.3.    Cancellations: Direct debit memberships can be cancelled anytime after the completion of the minimum term.  A cancellation form must be completed and signed by the member a minimum of three days prior the next scheduled direct debit payment.
2.4.    Suspensions: Memberships can be suspended for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks at anytime by completing a ‘Membership Amendment‘ form from the Centre reception desk.  This request must be lodged within three days of the suspension start date.  The first 4 weeks of suspension are free after which a suspension fee of $3.00 per week will be charged.

3.    Membership Access and Conditions of Entry
3.1.    Membership Card: Members will be issued with a personalised membership card that must be presented at the Centre’s Customer Service / Reception Desk prior to entry.
3.2.    Replacement Cards: Replacement cards for lost or misplaced cards will attract a $5.00 replacement fee
3.3.    Centre Conditions of Entry: Membership holders must agree to abide by each Centre’s rules, regulations, and conditions of entry and to follow any directions given by a YMCA of Hobart employee.
3.4.    Aquatic Memberships: Members of Glenorchy War Memorial Pool and Clarence Aquatic Centre have reciprocal access.  However, membership of these facilities does not include access to the Barossa Park YMCA Wellness Centre (an upgrade fee is available for members to use this facility on a casual basis or add to the existing aquatic membership).
3.5.    Rosny Park Golf Membership: Holders of a Rosny Park Golf Membership are required to pay members green fee for each round of golf.  Green fees are payable at the Club Room reception area.

4.    Family Memberships:
4.1.    The family membership includes people listed on the same Medicare card and living at the same residential address.
4.2.    There are no concessions on a family membership.
4.3.    While using their membership, any children (under the age of 16) must be actively supervised by a responsible adult at all times

5.    Health and Safety:
5.1.    Physical Fitness: Members at all Centres declare that they are physically and medically fit and capable to engage in exercise and or programs at the Centre, and have and will inform instructors of any condition or risk that may have an effect on their ability to participate in any exercise or fitness program prior to commencement
5.2.    Pre-Activity Screening: Y-Fitness, Barossa Park YMCA Wellness Centre and AquaFit members must complete the Fitness Australia Pre-Activity Screening Questionnaire prior to use of these Centres.
5.3.    Centre Orientation: New Y-Fitness and Barossa Park YMCA Wellness Centre Members must complete a Centre orientation prior to commencement of membership.
5.4.    Y-Fitness Minimum age: The minimum age for use of Y-Fitness is 12 years.  Children between 13 and 15 require active adult supervision.  Children between 16 and 17 require written parent consent and can only access the Centre during Centre supervised hours.  These hours can be found  on the YMCA of Hobart website

6.    General Information
6.1.    Changes to Membership Details: All changes to memberships must be made and signed in person at the Centre to ensure confidentiality of account details and accuracy of records.
6.2.    Public Use: All Centres are available or public and variety of uses and are not exclusively for members.  We suggest checking Centre schedules to help plan the best time for your visit.
6.3.    Public Holidays: Please check the website for public holiday modified hours.
6.4.    Subject to change:  These terms and conditions are subject to change.  Please check the website for the most up-to-date version.  A hard copy can be requested at any time.
6.5.    Health Fund Rebates: Some memberships may attract a health fund rebate.  Please check with your health fund provider to confirm eligibility.  A membership receipt can be provided on request.

7.    Liability.   To the extent permitted by law, the YMCA of Hobart Inc shall not be liable or responsible to you for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss or damage whatsoever and however arising. YMCA of Hobart is not responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to property or vehicles. Acknowledging this risk, you agree to use the Centre at your own risk.

8.    Marketing and Promotions
8.1.    As a member of the YMCA of Hobart you will receive further communications from YMCA of Hobart.  You may choose to opt out of receiving ongoing communications however this will reduce our ability to keep you informed about the programs offered to you.
8.2.    Separate terms and conditions apply for promotion memberships and a copy of these will be available on the website for each promotion.

9.    YMCA of Hobart Privacy Statement:
9.1.    The YMCA acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. The information that is being collected on this document is for the purposes of determining eligibility to access YMCA programs and services through YMCA of Hobart.
9.2.    The YMCA, its authorised staff, volunteers and government agencies or referral agencies covered by law, may be recipients of this information.
9.3.    You have the right to access and alter personal information protecting yourself in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act.
9.4.    Full details of the YMCA Privacy Policy can be obtained on request at the YMCA Centre or on line at

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