July YMCA Centre Update

July YMCA Centre Update

Welcome to July!

With the beginning of Winter and the colder weather, it hasn’t stopped record numbers of Golfers enjoying a round at Rosny Golf.  Our team have thoroughly enjoyed the return of club competitions and the course is looking stunning again after the short COVID closure.  We even had a few days with a glimpse of snow-capped Mt Wellington as the backdrop.   Thank you to all the players who have helped to make the reopening of Rosny Golf so smooth.

We would also like to thank our lap swimmers at Clarence Aquatic Centre for their patience with the temporary lane format and restrictions.  Thankfully this newsletter will be a delight for many people who love swimming at Clarence Aquatic Centre as we shed some light on when we can revert to the 50m format.

Our team have been hard at work behind the scenes developing new COVID Safe standards to enable the return of some aquatic programs, along with negotiating lease renewals with our partners.  We would like to extend our gratitude to staff, the YMCA Board of Directors and management team for their long hours and tireless effort to get us to this point.   We are excited for what the next 12 months has to offer as we continue to reopen and expand our services.  Some of the programs and services may seem slow to restart, although we are planning the return of these programs in a sustainable and considered way for the future.

We thank you for your continued patience and support of the YMCA during this time.

Staged return of YMCA Swim School – 20th of July.

We are pleased to announce the staged return of YMCA Swim School.

Clarence Aquatic Centre
Swimming lessons will recommence in stages with Salmon, Tuna, Dolphin and Shark level classes starting at Clarence Aquatic Centre from Monday 20th of July.  These class levels are all taught with teachers ‘out of the water’. In the following stage (after the 20th) we will be working hard to recommence classes for younger swimmers, from ages 3.5 years and up.  These classes all involve teachers to be in the water with students which will require further consideration with maintain social distancing.  We expect these to happen very soon.

Our Swim School team will be in touch with parents directly to let them know about the new timetable and enrolment options.

Barossa Park Wellness Centre
Lessons at Barossa Park are still on hold until the outcomes of the lease discussions are finalised.   We sincerely apologies for this delay in getting information to you – a lot of work is happening behind the scenes by both OneCare LTD and YMCA to ensure the facility is re-opened as soon as possible.

Clarence Aquatic Centre – Updates and Format Changes

Change rooms to reopen as of Monday 13th.

As the next stage of reopening progresses, we will be reopening the change rooms (as of next Monday the 13th).  Patrons will be able to access the facilities; change rooms, toilets, showers, provided social distancing is maintained.  We ask that all patrons adhere to the maximum room capacity placards in each area.  Social distancing floor markings will be in place to assist you with finding your own personal space, and to help everyone maintain social distancing.

50m Pool format as of Monday the 20th of July

As the government restrictions on public indoor spaces have recently changed, we want to let you know that we are working on the next model for operating the pool at Clarence Aquatic Centre YMCA.  The changes will involve shared lanes in a 50m format with the resumption classes and private bookings.

This round of changes (with shared lanes) will require significant cooperation by patrons to maintain social distancing at all times. Our team are working hard on the plan to adopt the changes and operate within Department of Health and COVID Safe guidelines.

Memberships and Visit Passes to restart – 20 July 

Memberships and Visit passes will recommence from the 20th of July.  This will be a welcome relief for many of our regular patrons.  We thank you for hanging in there with us.

Please note that the first direct debit is scheduled for 24 Friday 2020.

Return of AquaFit – 27th of July

Along with shared use lanes and some swim school classes returning, we also anticipate the return of AquaFit classes at Clarence Auqatic Centre within this round operating changes.  This is great news for our loyal AquaFit crew whom we have missed dearly!   Please standby for the new class timetable – coming soon.   Again, we ask for your patience as we get back up and running, as there may be some changes from the original class timetable.

We are super excited to begin teaching and to restart our Aqua classes again – we can’t wait to see our students and health and wellness groups back in the pool!
Lane Bookings

Bookings will be open from Thursday 9th of July from 3pm 

Link for Bookings:

At this stage, bookings will only open for next week with further changes to the pool format expected as above.

Rosny Golf update
Earlier this week the Alderman of Clarence City Council met to discuss the future use of the land that Rosny Golf is situated on.  It was decided to allow the YMCA to manage the facility for a further 10 months, extending the management contract up until the 30th of April 2021.  This is a great decision and will allow the YMCA to continue to build on the great work that has been done recently by the team.  After 10 months, the Council will reconsider the plans to either redevelop the area in to multi-use parklands under the City Heart project, or extend the lease again to allow the Public Golf Course to continue trading.

We welcome the councils extension and we look forward to the coming season with our regular, and new, patrons to enjoy our great public course.

COVID Changes around Rosny Golf…

As of last week we have opened up the shop floor a little more allow golfers access to merchandise at our discount golf shop with a new limit of 8 people in store at one time.  We ask that social distancing of 1.5m is maintained at all times and that people avoid handling the merchandise where possible.  All other operations continue as normal, with only packaged food such as chips, chocolates and drinks available at the Kiosk, as well as the self serve coffee machine.

For more information on the COVID guidelines at Rosny Golf, please visit… https://hobart.ymca.org.au/golf/

Barossa Park YMCA Wellness Centre
As mentioned in our last update, the lease for the Barossa Park Wellness Centre is up for renewal.  The decision is still with OneCare and, unfortunately at this stage, we don’t have any further updates.

We sincerely apologies for this delay in getting information to you – a lot of work is happening behind the scenes by both OneCare LTD and YMCA to ensure the facility is re-opened as soon as possible.

We hope to be able to make an announcement soon.

YMCA Glenorchy / Y-Fitness
For now, YMCA Glenorchy and Y-Fitness YMCA will remain closed.  This will be reviewed at the end of July by the YMCA of Hobart Board of Directors.

We genuinely know how loved and important this facility is for the community and a lot of time and effort is going into identifying how we can continue to provide our community programs in a safe and financially viable way.

As previously mentioned, due to the financial impact from the COVID Pandemic on the YMCA, it cannot reopen this centre in the same way as previously managed.  The YMCA Board is currently assessing alternative ways to subsidise Glenorchy YMCA programs in a more sustainable way into the future.

The good news is that the finalisation of the $6 million grant is underway, and we look forward to a whole new Y for our community in the coming years.

On-going updates for Project Y will be provided on our website hobart.ymca.org.au/project-y

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