Clarence Aquatic Centre YMCA
Clarence Aquatic Centre YMCA
Swimming lessons for all ages
Swimming lessons for all ages
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Clarence Aquatic Centre YMCA

Bookings required during peak times.  Please check lane availability during off peak times (due to private bookings).

Recreational play use:

Rec play on Weekdays…
-Available 10am-3pm (with exception of school and private bookings).
-After 3pm only the toddler pool is available due to swim school.

Rec play on Weekends…
-Available 10am – close

Book a lane…

Book a Lane

Please note:

  • Peak hour casual bookings can only be made using the ‘Book a Lane’ button above.


  • Friday 21st May – 9.00am-1.00pm

COVID Safe Guidelines for operation from the 30th of Dec 2020

✔️ 1 Lane – 8 Swimmers (15 group/program bookings)
✔️ Recreational play available on weekends and school holidays
✔️ Maximum of 250 patrons at once in the centre
✔️ Online bookings required during peak times
✔️ No casual drop-ins during peak times
✔️ Shower at home (before swimming)
✔️ All sessions during peak times will be ‘on the hour’ – Arrive, Swim, Leave.

New Lane Speed Format

  • Slow Fitness: >80 seconds per lap
  • Moderate Fitness: 60 and 80 seconds per lap
  • General Training: 60 seconds per 50m lap
  • Fast Training: <50 seconds per lap

Lane Rules:

  • Swim in the lane that suits your ability: Talk to the shift supervisor if in doubt
  • Do not enter unmarked lanes. Speak to the shift supervisor
  • No chain swimming or group program swimming in public lanes (including Training Fast lanes)
  • Slower swimmers MUST give way to faster swimmers. Swimmer in front always gives way.
  • When you are having a rest, please stand to the corner of the lane. Lane Behavior
  • Be Flexible: As other swimmers join the pool – you may need to move lanes.
  • Be Thoughtful: Are you passing or being passed, move to a lane better suitable for your speed.
  • Be Kind: We share the space, everyone deserves to enjoy their swim
  • Be Responsible: We share responsibility for social distancing


Children under 11 year of age must be actively supervised by a responsible person (16 years or older) at all times.  The responsible person must be dressed ready to swim and NOT use a mobile device or read a book while supervising.

For children under 6 years of age:

  • The ratio is 2 children to 1 responsible person
  • RED WRIST BAND (provided) must be worn by the supervising person
  • Supervising person must be in the water and be within arm’s length at all times

For children between 6 and 10 years of age:

  • The ratio is 4 children to 1 responsible person
  • YELLOW WRIST BAND (provided) must be worn by the supervising person
  • The supervising person will need to remain visually active and be dressed ready to swim


As of Monday the 20th of July, lane bookings will only be required during peak times.  Payment will be required upon arrival for your swim.  Members and visit pass holders will need to bring their scan cards to present to reception, prior to entering.
Lane bookings will open each Thursday or Friday for the following week.  You are able to change your peak hour booking 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time.

An individual can book only 1 swim session per day (per person) and a maximum of 3 sessions per week (in the first 48 hours of bookings being released).

As of Monday the 20th of July you will be able to share lanes with others, although there will be strict guidelines on self-pacing for swimmers so that social distancing is maintained.  On arrival, please follow the directions on lane descriptions and choose your lane thoughtfully.

A lap swimming lane may be booked for a child between 11 and 16. By making the booking, the parent is making a declaration of competency. Lifeguards reserve the right to remove a child between the ages 11 to 16 if they are deemed not competent. Lanes are booked for lap swimming only.  Booking a lane for a child under 11 is not currently available.

From the 20th of July, casual drop-ins for lap swimming will be available during off peak times.  Please see the centre hours at the bottom of this page for the latest information on off peak times as these are subject to change.

The price is $7.60 per person for a 45min session (access on the hour and leave before the hour). A concessions price of $6 is available for card holders. You will need to bring your concession card with you on each visit to show at reception. Please note direct debit memberships payments will resume as on Friday the 24th of July. 

From the 20th of July onwards, during peak times please enter through reception at the start time of your session.  During off peak times, you are welcome drop in for a swim. Please use the hand sanitiser provided at reception after entry.

Yes – The change room facilities are open as of the 13th of July. Our facilities are cleaned regularly throughout the day, although please feel free to use the sanitiser cleaning wipes provided as an additional measure to ensure your safety.

Yes.  Showers and change rooms are available as of the 13th of July.  All sessions will still be ‘on the hour’ – Arrive, Swim, Leave.

Yes, for take-a-way purposes only.

Yes, all levels of swimming lessons are currently running.  Please contact YMCA Swim School on (03) 6244 2294 to reserve a lesson time slot.

Opening Hours…

Easter Opening Hours

  • Friday: CLOSED
  • Saturday: 9am-4pm
  • *Sunday: 10am-5pm
  • Monday: 10am-5pm


Peak times (Bookings Required):
  • 6.00am-7.00am Monday to Friday

Off peak times (No bookings required):  **Please check lane availability page**

  • Monday- Thursday 7am-7.30pm
  • Friday’s: 7am-6.30pm
  • Saturday’s: 9am-4pm
  • Sunday’s: 10am-5pm

Please contact the Centre on 03 6244 2294 for further information about our facilities.



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