October is Golf Month…

October is Golf Month…

To celebrate Golf Month, we are hosting a bunch of great events and programs suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

All welcome – check out what’s on…


Come and try golf – play 3 holes…

Please a super short fast game of 3 holes to get the feel of golf. A great opportunity for people to play or practice 3 holes during lunch breaks, after work.  Includes 3 holes and all equipment.

Twilight Golf Competitions

2 Person, Thursday night twilight Ambrose golf events.

Come and try Swing Fit

Learn the basics of golf and improve your skills in this 75 mins fitness based class designed specifically for female golfers.

Family BBQ and Golf Day at Rosny Park Golf.

Enjoy a snag and chat with great people at Rosny Park Golf. We are providing free golf instruction and use of the practice area.

All family members welcome including kids of all ages.

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